Media – Prohibited areas

Dear journalists.

Like in the previous years, the main topic of the 49th Rallye Český Krumlov 2022 is safety, both of spectators and media representatives. Organisers are not only concerned with the smooth running of the event that has required tens and hundreds hours of their free time during the months of preparations, but they also wish for everyone to safely return home to their dear ones, without any  injury.


  • No-go zones for photographers and cameramen:
    • runoff areas located at roads (intersections) – cross-hatched areas including ditches and all adjacent places situated along the runoff road section
    • places facing the oncoming cars
    • places where cars brake intensively, at both sides of the track
    • marked-off area after jump landing spots, funnel-shaped and extended to a sufficient distance from the jump
    • areas in front of all solid obstacles (fence, wall, tree, car, etc.) and below the track level
    • ditches and places below road level in close proximity to the track
    • prohibited areas in close proximity of a track

WARNING! Organizers will strictly enforce these rules!

While paying maximum attention for their own safety, media representatives may also use for their work dangerous zones near the special stage tracks that are prohibited for spectators. However even photographers and cameramen shall always fully respect instructions from organizers! In case of disobedience, the organizer of the 49th Rallye Český Krumlov 2022 reserves the right to revoke their photo-vest.

In the attached file you can find strictly forbidden places of the 49th Rallye Český Krumlov 2022.